A brief history

I was born in eastern Europe, Lithuania. It was mostly an ordinary life, until, at the age of seventeen I moved to New York City. It was at that age when i first picked up a camera and started living the life I that I have always dreamed about. What followed were seven years filled with excitement and adventure shooting fashion and models and portraits of all the wonderful and strange people that live in New York. It was in the city where my tastes and style developed. Where I understood that beauty and art, and to some extent fashion are the most important things in my life. It was then also when it became clear to me that one city, no matter how grand it is, is not enough for me. I began travelling. First the US, then South America, then Europe and finally i ended up back home. Here I met the love of my life. Now, five years later I enjoy my life even more than before. During the summer seasons we get to travel and shoot weddings all over the world. Meeting the most amazing people and visiting astonishing locations. Then, when the summer rush is over we head looking for warmth and continue working on our personal projects. 


Emotional and stylish wedding photography inspired by fashion

After close to a decade of professional fashion and portrait photography and three seasons of weddings a clear and distinctive photography style has emerged. Photography that’s emotional and stylish, timeless yet fashionable, elegant and sophisticated. Photography fueled by imagination and inspired by fashion.

Because of that background in fashion we pay special attention to the bride. In our images You will look glamorous and confident. You will feel like a modern royalty. You will be the star of the day. And for the rest of your life you’ll be able to look at the images and relive that wonderful day. 

So treat yourself and save the date!